Pastors of Fairmont First

(with beginning dates)

Rev. A.H. Elsey —1930 

Rev. Robert Morris –1937 
Rev. S.R, Howell –1939 
Rev. Lloyd Hail–1946 
Rev. C. Glenn Bowling–1949 
Rev. H. Carl Ross–1954 
Rev. O.C. Rushing–1960 
Rev. John Lawwill–1966 
Rev. Kenneth Maze–1972 
Rev. Herald Clay–1976 
Rev. Thomas Rawlings–1984 
Rev. Gerald Gray–1998 
Rev. David Alley–2004 
Rev. Waitman Hager–2006 
Rev. Larry Barkley–2011 
Dr. Michael VanZant–2016 
Rev. Scott King– 2017 
Rev. Andy Newman– 2023

Ninety-three Years as God’s People

From humble beginnings and meager surroundings, Fairmont First Church of the Nazarene has evolved, enlarged, and ministered. For 93 years, this congregation has declared God’s love by precept and example. The present facilities represent the sacrifice and devotion that have been a trademark of this people through the years. 

But Fairmont First is not only buildings and grounds. All those who have passed through its doors and known friendliness, love, and concern will forever remain tied to Fairmont First, regardless of their location or where they worship. Many can trace their first stirring of conviction and call to service back to this place and people. 

The passing of responsibilities and devotion from one generation to another has provided an unbroken chain of duty and service. The inevitable valleys of financial struggles and human frailties and misunderstandings that arise in any family have cast shadows temporarily. But the strong woven thread of God’s love and blessing that always, and in all ways, held firm lovingly binding this dedicated group. 


After 93 years, Fairmont First is alive and well. Would our founders be proud of us? We trust so. Might they encourage us to renew our pledge of evangelism and service? We know so. The surrounding grounds depict the financial blessings of our church. But the real church, the body of Christ, is scattered across generations and locations. 

As we celebrate this 93rd year of existence, may we show gratitude to those who unselfishly paved the rough road of life for us. The continuance of sharing God’s love would be a gift of thanksgiving our founders would fully understand and appreciate. 

As we celebrate and fondly recall the history of our beloved Fairmont First, may our message be unchanging and timeless: GOD DEARLY LOVES YOU AND SO DO WE! We share, care, and prepare to remain God’s people and instruments of His calling. God’s pleasure is our goal. God’s purpose is our pledge. “God’s people” is our uniting title, comfort, and eternal security. May He timelessly live through us daily. 

Elton Slusser - June 2023